TracKit: Shopkit’s Track-based Hanging Display System

TracKit is an extremely versatile track-based suspension display system. Perfect for when displays need frequently repositioning, the entire system can be either wall or ceilings fixed with a range of suspension methods to choose from.

Where can TracKit be used?

With so many options for customisation, the TracKit system’s applications are vast and varied. It gives mobility and flexibility to the presentation of graphics, pictures and products making it an ideal solution for retail, galleries, museums, offices and more. Here’s a bit of inspiration for you…
trackit system
Trackit system

Suspended window displays for shops

The choice of single or twin tracks gives window display the potential for depth and flexibility. Make the most of your entire window space, top to bottom.

Trackit System

Suspended wall or ceiling mounted retail displays

Our Strap system, whilst designed to be ceiling fixed, can be positioned along the perimeter or form island merchandising at any point in a shop. The brackets can support hanging rails or shelf supports, creating an attractive and flexible system for all shop displays.

Trackit System

Gallery display system

The Single Roller Wheel system is perfect for galleries where the use of large graphic panels is required. It is extremely flexible, allowing panels to be stacked behind one another and easily manoeuvred into any position making changing your displays a breeze.

Trackit System<br />

Creative Office dividers

The flexibility of the TracKit system makes it an interesting and eye-catching way to divide your office into separate areas without making the space feel closed in. Display your work whilst making the best use of your space, all with the flexibility to change things around on a regular basis if needed.

Trackit<br />

How Does TracKit Work?

The Trackit System begins with your choice of track:

Satin anodised aluminium track (32mm x 9.5mm cross section): Comprising a main modular track length of 1030mm which gives 1m spacing between supports. There is a left and right hand end module with a removable end stop which allows the Single and Double Roller Wheel system to be located without disassembly.

For use with 1.5mm Mini Cable system, the 6mm Aluminium Rod system, and the Double Roller Wheel system.

Brushed stainless steel track (40mm x 10mm cross section): This heavier duty track is supplied in the same module as the aluminium track but is for use with the 8mm stainless steel Drop Rod system, the Single Roller Wheel system and the Strap merchandising system.

We then offer a choice of six suspension systems that are compatible with TracKit.

TracKit Suspension Options

Art installation installed by Shopkit engineers
Mini cable trackit

Mini Cable Hook On Suspension

  • Capable of meeting most display requirements
  • The top hook is easily positioned at any point along the TracKit system
  • Polished stainless steel weight can be secured to the bottom of the cable to keep it taut
  • Wide range of acrylic holders and display equipment available with bespoke designs tailored to individual requirements.
6mm Rod trackit

6mm Aluminium Rod Hook On Suspension

  • A flexible display system showing a marginally more visible means of support than the cable system
  • Screw the top rod into the top hook and then add 1m modular lengths as required

Wide range of acrylic holders and display equipment available with bespoke designs tailored to individual requirements.

Trackit 8mm rod

8mm Stainless Steel Drop Rod Hook On Suspension

  • Strong and versatile display and merchandising system which brings quality and refinement to any display
  • Rod lengths available in 500mm, 1000mm and 2000mm, any of which can be extended to the required drop by screwing together
  • Unique ability to suspend a display shelf off only two Drop Rods using wide aluminium shelf grip (recommended for use in display windows and not in public spaces)

Wide range of acrylic holders and display equipment available with bespoke designs tailored to individual requirements.

Trackit Single Roller

Single Roller Wheel

  • Extremely flexible, allows panels to be stacked behind the other and easily manoeuvred into any position required
  • Allows suspension of panels up to 15mm thick
  • Panels can be timber, glass, acrylic
  • Can be used on the wall mounted track and the twin ceilings and single ceilings fixed tracks.
Trackit Twin Roller

Twin Roller Wheel

  • Boasts flexibility and ease of repositioning graphic displays
  • Designed for suspending relatively light weight graphics or panels
  • 5mm cables are gripped directly under each Roller Wheel
  • Acrylic panels and pictures can be supported from the top, the side or hung one under the other

By using the twin track system or a number of them together, depth and interest can be crated to any display.

Strap Trackit System

Strap Merchandising System

  • A unique concept for general merchandising or clothing
  • Beautifully engineered aluminium and stainless steel combine to give an elegant grid onto which products or garments can be displayed
  • Total flexibility for positioning or linking shelves or hanging rails
  • Graphics panels can be added to the grid

Strap is simply hooked over the TracKit system supported by the heavy duty ceiling brackets.


For a full list of the components and their uses, view the TracKit brochure.

Trackit system

How to choose the best system for you?

If you think TracKit could be the perfect system for your display, get in touch! Shopkit’s experienced team will advise on the correct component combination for your specific requirements. However, the suitability of your walls and ceilings to carry suspended loads is your responsibility, taking into account the likely suspended weight.

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