Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting


Low Voltage Lighting

Our versatile low-voltage lighting system provides various lighting options with exceptional movement of the light beam, allowing light to be set to almost any direction.

All our lamp holders are produced in high quality, solid chromed brass and can be used for:

  • general lighting
  • spot lighting
  • incorporating with suspended display shelving systems or display cabinets
  • catenary lighting suspended from cables or rods as required.

The low-voltage lighting range includes transformers and a range of lamps, including the new LEDs providing excellent energy saving capabilities.

Our TZ low-voltage lighting system provides exceptional flexibility and is able to create runs of catenary lighting, internal cabinet lighting as well as ‘disc’ mountings. Our lighting system allows for the positioning of lights on the ceiling or panels with the transformer sitting remotely.

The low-voltage lighting system can be incorporated to provide lighting with suspended display shelving or as a stand-alone system as required.

The lamps are available with the Multipoise head which can swing through arcs in two planes: the first turns through 290° the other 200°. The wide range of movement allows light to be directed in almost any direction.

The lamps are manufactured from solid brass (for the best electrical conductivity) and are finished to the highest quality. We pay keen attention to detail at all stages of manufacture, ensuring ease of use and longevity.

Made to Measure lighting options available

Some of our most popular lamp holders are available to purchase online, along with two complete lighting kits and a selection of individual lighting components. We have a much wider selection of standard products through our Sales department.

If our standard range doesn’t have what you need, we also offer a design and manufacturing service. We can accommodate variations in metal finishes, overall dimensions or can produce complete bespoke designs.

Get in touch for more details on our selection of standard products, or if you would like something bespoke.


Shopkit can deliver and install all elements within our lighting range, quotations can be supplied on request. For further information on this, specials or installation options please contact our Technical Support team on +44 (0)1923 818282 or email sales@shopkit.com