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Low Voltage Lighting Kits

Our low voltage lighting kits provide everything you will need to create stylish contemporary lighting installations. The kit includes lamp holders, suspension cables, a transformer and fittings.

Our kits can be used to create runs of catenary lighting, as well as being incorporated with display shelving or stand alone as required. 

The TZ.2 lamp holders included in the kits have multipoise heads – allowing light to be directed in almost any direction. They are suspended from a 4.5mm PVC coated cable, combining tinned copper and stainless steel. Special nylon end stops and tensioners with a nylon barrel give isolation from the substrate they may be fixed to. 

We offer two lighting kits which include everything required to create a contemporary lighting installation. Choose from either 4 or 6 lamp holders, in runs of up to 5 metres long with either 50-watt black halogen lamps or 3-watt LEDs. 

Other lamp holders and lighting components are available as standard or as custom made items. Shopkit can deliver and install all elements within the range, quotations are available on request. For further information on our standard products, custom solutions or installation options please contact our Technical Support team on +44 (0)1923 818282 or email