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Shop our range of patch style glass display cabinets, or take a look at our frame style display cabinets. Get in touch with the Shopkit team for bespoke options.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Patch Style Glass Display Cabinets


What are patch style glass cabinets made from?

Our patch style glass display cabinets feature striking corner fixings in mirror polished stainless-steel. They have been designed with amazing attention to detail resulting in a refined and simple design.

These contemporary glass display cabinets also feature lockable doors, three adjustable shelves and optional low-voltage lighting with integrated transformer.

They feature two and three-way corner fixings, creating spaces where the objects displayed have no distracting structures around them.


What are the features of patch style glass display cabinets?

Patch style glass display cabinets include:

  • The cabinet components, fixings, suspension rods and feet are manufactured in mirror polished stainless steel and bright chrome finish.
  • The mirror polished stainless-steel top corner fittings use a three-way connector to secure side and top panels together. The hinged sides use a two-way connector to secure the top to the sides.
  • The base connectors use three and two-way connectors as at the top, but also have isolated leg assemblies with adjustable feet and a connection point for supplying power to the integral lights.
  • The lighting arms and shelf supports are pre-positioned on the suspension rods, but they can be adjusted as required.
  • The sides, doors, top and shelves are supplied in 6mm thick toughened glass.
  • The base of the cabinet is produced in 10mm toughened glass, silk screened white to the underside. The white base shields the view of the transformer and supporting stainless steel sling secured underneath.
  • Standard units have one lock at the base of each door and a magnetic disc fixing at the top, fixed through the glass door panel.
  • The different display cabinet elements will be supplied partially assembled. The kit will include detailed instructions and the necessary allen keys required to complete a straightforward final assembly.


What can I display in a patch style glass display cabinet?

We have customers use our display cabinets for all sorts of things, including trophy cabinets and to protect valuable items. Patch style cabinets are lockable meaning items are secure whilst being stylishly displayed. Utilising low-voltage lighting can add an extra sleek finish.

Frame style glass display cabinets are an alternative option you may also wish to consider.


How to clean a patch style glass display cabinet?

Glass display cabinets are low maintenance and easy to clean using a commercial glass cleaning spray or a water and vinegar mix. Generally, this will be enough to remove any grime, and a clean cloth will help to avoid smudges.


Where to buy a patch style glass display cabinet?

Either order a standardised display cabinet from us at Shopkit or contact us about bespoke options.


Special requirements and custom sizes

These glass display cabinets can be manufactured in different metal finishes and with different lighting configurations to meet individual requirements.

It is also possible to order our glass cabinet components and to source your own glass locally.

We also provide a delivery and installation service (all work guaranteed) – for details please call the Technical Support team on
+44 (0)1923 818282 or email