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Edge Fixed Panel Supports For Stylish Display Systems

Shop our edge fixed panel support components for display systems here, or take a look at panel fixings for drilled sheets and X-block panel sign fixings.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Edge Fixed Panel Supports


What thickness of display panel can these components support?

Our most popular edge fixed panel supports for drilled sheets. These supports are designed to grip panels of up to 10mm thick, and with a stand-off of up to 200mm.


How do edge fixed panel supports work?

Edge fixed panel supports are an easy way to wall mount sign panels and displays by clamping through drilled holes in the panel.


Where can I find out more about edge fixed panel supports?

For details of other types of panel fixings, or for fixings in different finishes and sizes in both standard and custom options – please contact the Technical Support team on +44 (0)1923 818282 or email us on