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Glass Display Cabinets

We produce a range illuminated contemporary glass display cabinets and showcase solutions for corporate environments and home interiors.

Our glass display cabinets are frameless, with minimalist construction and refined detailing. They are all designed and manufactured in-house in a choice of metal finishes, wood veneers and coloured laminates.

Our glass cabinets can incorporate cable or rod suspended shelving, as well as different styles of low-voltage lighting.

We have a selection of standard display cabinets available on our website. Bespoke sizes, designs, and various lighting options are available as custom made items. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Illuminated Display Cabinets

Within our glass display cabinet range, we offer a selection of illuminated contemporary glass display cabinets. They are beautifully made in high quality satin and mirror polished stainless steel. Available in both standard and custom sizes and all designed and manufactured in our UK factory.

Refined detailing and minimalist construction define these elegant glass display cabinets. Each glass cabinet features lockable doors and integrated low-voltage lighting with transformers secured beneath their base.

Our most popular glass display cabinet designs are available to purchase as complete kits online. We offer a much wider standard range of display cabinets and individual components available to buy through our Sales Department. Get in touch for more information.


Bespoke display cabinets

If you are looking for something specific, we can customise our existing range. Alternatively, ask us to design, manufacture and install a cabinet solution to suit your exact requirements. For further details please contact our Technical Support team on +44 (0)1923 818282 or email


Commonly Asked Questions About Glass Display Cabinets


What can I display in a glass cabinet?

You can display whatever you like! Though we find generally our customers like to use their glass display cabinets as trophy cabinets or to protect valuable items while still being able to have them on display.

If you’re thinking about glass cabinets for your business you may wish to display products, jewellery, or collectables. Our glass display cabinets can include suspended shelving for an extra sleek finish, and even illuminated with low-voltage lighting. These customisable options mean that you will be able to use our glass cabinets to display whatever you need for your home or business.


How to clean a glass display cabinet?

Luckily glass display cabinets are generally very low maintenance and easy to clean. Either a standard commercial glass cleaning spray or a mixture of water and vinegar will be enough to remove any dirt or grime. Use a clean, lint free cloth to avoid any smearing and keep your glass display cabinet sparkling.


How to make a glass display cabinet?

If you’re looking to purchase a glass display cabinet online, we have a comprehensive selection of frame style and patch style cabinets. We have a standard set of sizes, or you can request a bespoke design that will built by our expert team.


Where to buy a glass display cabinet?

You can buy a glass display cabinet from us at Shopkit. Either order one of our pre-set standard sized cabinets or contact us about a bespoke alternative to fit your requirements.


How expensive is a glass display cabinet?

This will vary depending on what style of cabinet you go for. At Shopkit we have both patch and frame style glass display cabinets available with cable or rod suspended shelving systems. Smaller units will come at a cheaper price, and larger or bespoke styles will be more expensive.