Complete Kits and Sets

Complete display system kits and sets

Shop our ready to order display system kits, or take a look at individual cable components and rod components.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Complete Display System Kits


Why would I choose a complete display system kit?

We offer ‘ready to order sets’ to create a variety of different cable suspended displays.

Our complete cable kits are a very economical and easy to order option. They provide all you need to create a variety of suspended display set ups, such as wall-fixed or track-mounted.


What does a display system kit include?

These kits include all the panel fixings, components and acrylic panels needed to complete your cable suspended displays and wall fixed panel displays.

These complete sets are from our 1.5mm cable components range. A sleek suspended cable display system, which includes wall mounted panel fixings. The system is designed for lightweight signage and graphic displays and uses 1.5mm stainless cable.


What size are the display system kits?

Floor fixings measure only 15.5mm in diameter, with chamfered ends. They are produced in high grade satin anodised aluminium finish as standard. Measuring just 10mm diameter the panel and shelf grips are compact and designed to hold signs, panels and shelves of up to 3mm thick.


How do I put together display system kits?

All of our sets are supplied with easy to follow instructions. Alternatively, you can let our dedicated fitting team install them for you (all work guaranteed). For more details please call the Technical Support team on +44 (0)1923 818282 or email