Mast Office Screens and Partitions

Hygiene screens, desk dividers and acoustic screens

Shopkit’s range of high-quality Mast screens and partitions are ideal for use across offices, hospitality interiors, financial environments, retail interiors and exhibitions and events. We design sleek, contemporary, functional and durable partitioning and screening for a range of internal uses, using only the highest quality materials.

Our range includes acoustic partitions, mobile wipe boards, sliding screens, portable fabric screens and a variety of different screening and shelving options. Whether you’re looking to provide soundproofing in a corporate office, add germ or hygiene protection to a reception area or simply introduce beautiful glass partitioning to any interior space, Shopkit have a screen or partition product to perfectly suit your needs.

Office screens and desk dividers

Shopkit’s modern glass partitions and screens are elegant solutions for creating partitions or breaks in a range of interior spaces, including retail, hospitality, offices, receptions, showrooms, or even banks. They are available in a range of heights including taller, full height options to create nearly partition walls and medium height screens. Our glass screening can also incorporate shelving to create elegant storage.

Our glass screening can also be specified with castors to create mobile screening. Shopkit’s mobile screens feature four quality castors with two that are lockable, so you can create secure partitions wherever they are needed. In addition, these screens can be specified as magnetic boards that also function as dry erase boards – so you can use them as fully portable note boards.

Acoustic screening

Our range of acoustic screening is wide, varied and incredibly flexible. We can produce quality acoustic screens and partitions using a number of different materials and in any colour to suit your internal branding. Our acoustic screens can be specified as floor fixed, ceiling to floor fixed, wall to floor fixed, freestanding and mobile versions.

Shopkit’s range of acoustic screens are perfect to either reduce the noise in open areas or to screen off noisy equipment. We can even specify the screens with integrated dry wipe board sections. Get in touch to find out more.

IT workstation with two shelves

Shopkit also offer a variety of versatile and protective hygiene barrier screens for Covid-19 and other virus-blocking or hygiene requirements. Keep your workspace safe with quality, elegant barrier solutions from Shopkit. Our barrier screens are manufactured from either quality clear acrylic or toughened safety glass and can be produced in either clear or frosted versions.

Our Covid-19 hygiene barriers can be fixed to desktops or ceilings, ceiling suspended using rods or cables, freestanding, floor fixed, or mobile on castors. Whatever your needs, Shopkit have a hygiene barrier solution to help you keep your workspace or retail environment a safer place for customers and staff.

Custom screens and partitions

Alongside all of these standard products, we can also custom produce bespoke screens and partitions to your exact requirements. Whether you need functional, acoustic or hygiene screens, we can produce custom products to exactly suit your space.

We can vary the dimensions of our screens and partitions, the materials used, and the type of fixing – so get in touch with our design team to discuss the perfect screening product for your space.

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