What to Consider Before Buying a Wall Mounted Display Cabinet

Jun 27, 2022 | Products

Wall mounted display cabinets

Wall mounted display cabinets are great solutions when it comes to showcasing achievements, products, memorabilia or valuable items in the office, shop, or home, especially when space is at a premium.

To help decide if a wall mounted display cabinet may be the right option for you, we have put together our top considerations when it comes to choosing your display cabinet.

Types of Wall Mounted Display Cabinets

Wall mounted display cabinets come in a range of sizes and can even be made to measure to give you a perfect custom display cabinet that fits into your chosen setting.

Generally, there are two common types of wall mounted display cabinets which are primarily classed by the frame structure.

Wall Mounted Glass Display Cabinets

With minimal or no frame, a wall mounted glass display cabinet gives you maximum visibility from all angles to the items you wish to display. They also allow in plenty of natural light, more than other types of display cabinets. Good quality wall mounted display glass cabinets are produced with toughened or tempered safety glass and fit into a wide variety of room styles and décor. Popular within the commercial and business industry, they are also suited to homes with modern or minimalistic design, making them a great all-rounder.

Wooden Wall Mounted Cabinets

More commonly found in the home, a traditional wooden wall mounted cabinet can be a range of colours and variety of woods. Matching wood to the room in question can add character but the wooden frame and sometimes solid sides restrict natural light and reduces viewing visibility. And if you decide to redecorate or re-brand, wooden wall mounted cabinets can easily date and not fit within a new room’s decor

Wall Structure and Weight Capacity

Most importantly before purchasing a wall mounted display cabinet you need to consider the structure of the wall the cabinet will be mounted to, and the weight capacity of each shelf in relation to the weight of items you wish to display.

Solid brick or cement walls will be able to hold greater weights than walls made of plasterboard, so checking your wall structure is highly important to ensure the wall can handle the weight of the cabinet. It is also important to use the correct wall fixings when it comes to installing the mounted display cabinet.

Research the weight that each shelf within the cabinet can handle. This will vary depending on the thickness and strength of the glass shelves which could support weights anywhere between 6kg and 30kg.

The shelf weight is also known as the spread weight so make sure you distribute items evenly across the shelves to avoid any unwanted breakages and damage.

Depth of the Wall Mounted  Display Cabinet

Wall display cabinets vary greatly in size and depth, so we recommend checking the dimensions carefully to ensure the items you wish to display will fit inside. As wall mounted displays are a great space saving solution, we also recommend marking out on the floor with industry tape or cardboard to see how far it protrudes from the wall into the room. This will enable you to identify any obstructions or risk of accidents with people bumping into the cabinet if displayed too close to walking areas or other furniture.

Display Cabinet Lighting

We have already mentioned that wall mounted Glass Display Cabinets are best for allowing natural light to showcase your display, products, or memorabilia. To draw people’s attention to the display, consider additional low voltage LED lighting options to really focus on the items within your cabinet.


With your display on show to the public, security is a key consideration when choosing a wall mounted display. Most quality display cabinets will come with some form of security lock as standard but if it doesn’t, you are able to purchase locks to fit.


Over time you may look to add to or replace items within your display. Maybe you are celebrating winning another award or have new memorabilia or stock to display? If so, then consider a wall mounted display cabinet with features such as adjustable height shelves and moveable internal lighting that can accommodate such flexibilities.

Custom Wall Mounted Glass Display Cabinets

Our experienced design and manufacturing team, can design, manufacture, and install the perfect custom wall mounted glass display cabinets to meet your needs.

Using toughened glass along with high quality satin and mirror polished stainless-steel components, our bespoke wall fixed glass display cabinets can include numerous backdrops, shelving, and lighting options to give a sense of individuality to each client’s specifications.

The result, a contemporary wall fixed glass display cabinets with gorgeously refined detailing and elegant minimalist construction. At Shopkit we have patch style cabinets and frame style cabinets available online.

Contact our team to discuss your perfect wall mounted glass display cabinet.

Wall Mounted display cabinets