Unlock the Power of Custom Reception Counters with Shopkit

Apr 13, 2022 | Guides, Products

Custom reception desk by Shopkit

The reception area is a vital part of your business. It’s the first time you’ll get to introduce yourself to your customers, visitors or clients, and it can really set the tone for your entire interaction. Most businesses realise the value of this, and spend time investing in their reception area, making sure it gives the right impression.

But, if you’re investing in your reception area, have you thought about the counter or desk? It’s easy to give the room a lick of paint, or add some decoration – but if you’re just popping a standard desk in the middle of the room, is that enough to really wow your customers?

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the ways that a bespoke reception desk or counter could really transform your reception area and ultimately help you grow your business.

Improved branding

One huge advantage of a custom reception counter is the opportunities it offers you to improve your branding. We’re not just talking about stickers, this could be added vinyl logos or screen-printed designs, even custom carvings or logos added right into the desk itself. You could even have a reception desk in the shape of your logo or a recognisable brand mark!

The reception area of your business is such a key opportunity for you to demonstrate the power of your brand, so don’t leave it up to simple logo details. With options for integrated cabinets or shelving, a custom reception desk from Shopkit lets you show off the things that are really important to your brand and business, right at the point where your clients are meeting you for the very first time.

A desk that suits your workflow

You doubtless have specific processes for your reception staff to follow. And, you’ve likely spent time designing the room to suit these. So why not customise the desk as well? A bespoke reception desk or counter gives you the opportunity to help your reception staff be as efficient as possible.

For example, you could add ergonomic recessed shelving into the desk to keep computer systems and phones tucked away, or have perfectly placed drawers to allow sensitive materials to be kept securely locked away.

Suit the space and décor

A custom reception desk can be designed to better suit your reception area, too. Whether this is about fitting perfectly in a room and maximising the available space, or simply matching the colours and aesthetics of your brand, getting a bespoke reception desk is the perfect way to level up the entire reception area.

Boost customer flow and throughput

If your reception area is busy, and you rely on getting people to the right places quickly and efficiently, a bespoke reception desk could be just the thing you need. Designed to perfectly suit the space and the workflow of your reception team, you could add integrated signage or even a self-help kiosk that helps your clients and customers get to where they need to go.

Shopkit have offer 30 years of experience designing bespoke reception desks, working across a huge range of industries and sectors. We’re design experts, always taking the time to understand what you need and then designing the perfect custom reception counter to your exact specifications. We produce all of our bespoke solutions from our UK factory with design, manufacturing, delivery and installation all done in house.

Speak to Shopkit today to see how we can help you.