The Benefits of Glass Cabinets in Retail

Jul 25, 2022 | Products

Glass Display Cabinets are a fantastic and effective way for the retail industry to display valuable or delicate stock. From point-of-sale glass counter displays and freestanding glass display cabinets to wall mounted and suspended cabinets, glass display cabinets come in a range of shapes and sizes and can also be custom built to suit any retail display scenario.

Built from strengthened glass with a range of customisable accessories and components, glass display cabinets can not only elegantly promote your products but provide the flexibility, longevity, and security to make them a worthwhile investment for many years.

Here are just some of the key advantages to choosing glass display cabinets for your retail store.

Eye Catching Product Displays

Glass display cabinets are not only modern, but they also provide elegance and sophistication, creating eye catching visual displays for your product range.

Combined with additional accessories such as branded colour or mirror back panels and LED spotlighting, retailers can create great focal points to draw customers to their product range.

Flexible and Customisable

Not only do glass display cabinets come in a range of types and sizes but customisable glass display cabinets can be designed to fit into the build of your store regardless of dimensions and size.

Adding flexible options such as adjustable shelving and LED lighting provides retailers the opportunity to easily change the look of their display as and when required, adapting to new products with ease.

Safe and Secure

Glass displays units are great for valuable, fragile, or rare merchandise to reduce the risk of accidental damage of theft. Not only are they made with reinforced glass, but lockable doors enable only staff to access the products when presenting to customers for a closer look.

For those dealing with expensive goods, such as jewellery, then glass display counters are a fantastic way to showcase their products in all their glistening glory whilst keeping them safely locked away.

Highly Durable

As glass does not deteriorate at the same rate over time as other materials like wood, if looked after correctly glass display cabinets can remain immaculate for many years making them well worth the investment.

Combined with the use of reinforced glass and materials such as anodized aluminium and stainless steel also provides additional protection against accidental damage or breakages.

Maximise Floor Space

Planned correctly, glass display counters and cabinets are an effective use of retail space. They showcase your products in premium spots and also create a natural flow for customers around your store.

Consider the use of three hundred-and sixty-degree viewing glass display units to create maximum visibility within your store. Or, how about integrated glass wall display cabinets to save space while creating a pleasant retail experience for your customers?

Timeless Display Cabinets

Whether you re-brand, redecorate or change the style of you retail store, glass display cabinets will fit in with any décor while remaining practical and unobtrusive. You can be confident when investing in any glass display cabinet or countertop displays that they will remain modern and stand the test of time for many years.

If you are looking to redesign your store layout and need some inspiration for your stylistic glass display cabinets, cases or countertop displays then get in touch with us here at Shopkit.

We have over 30 years of experience in understand our customers’ requirements, designing, building, and installing perfect glass product displays across any retail industry.