Wall Fixed Banner Systems

Shopkit manufactures a variety of different styles of wall fixed banner systems, for both internal and external use, in different styles, materials and with different fixing methods.


Both simple and complex configurations can be achieved through our standard and custom-made components. Most wall fixed banners are configured using our durable tensioned cable systems for both protruding and flat to the wall installations.


For more information on our wall fixed banner systems and for an idea of costs please contact our design team on +44 (0)1923 818282 or fill out the short form below.


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We manufacture five different types of wall fixed banner systems. This is our Type A system, which was produced for this installation in exterior quality 316 Marine Grade stainless steel.

We produced this variation on our Type D system, using specially made stainless steel fixing plates to wall mount this 3mm cable suspended interior banner.

This is our typical Type D system, produced for exterior use in 316 Marine Grade stainless steel. The banner is mounted using 4mm steel cables and six wall mountings.

These diagrams show the construction layout of our standard Type A and Type B wall fixed banner systems, which can both be produced for interior and exterior use.

Here are diagrams of our standard Type D wall fixed banner system, for interior or exterior use and Type E , which is for interior use only.