Lighting Gantry

Our TZ suspended lighting gantries provide directional low-voltage lighting that may be fixed at an almost unlimited distance from the fixing plain. They are available in two different configurations and may hold up to eight lamps with multipoise heads which allow for movement of the lamp to be directed in almost any direction.


The lighting gantry frames are manufactured in silver powder coated mild steel, or silver anodised aluminium, with silver chromed solid brass lamps, depending on the style and size required and they are designed to be suspended from ceilings and panels.


We currently produce two different low-voltage lighting gantries as standard


(Code LF12) – is a lighting gantry measuring 300mm wide x 1200mm long and is designed to hold 4 x low-voltage lamps.


We also produce (Code LF 24) – which is a lighting gantry measuring 300mm wide x 2400mm long and is designed to hold 8 x low-voltage lamps.


Made to Measure options available

The overall configuration, dimensions and metal finishes of these lighting gantries can be varied to suit clients’ requirements, and we can also produce complete bespoke designs if required.


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Shopkit can deliver and install these lighting gantries, and quotations will be supplied on request.


For further information and for an idea of costs please contact our Design Team on Tel. +44 (0)1923 818282 or fill out the enquiry form above.


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Our low-voltage lighting gantries can be produced to Client's own specifications and can provide spotlighting at an almost unlimited distance from the fixing plain.

We produced this cable suspended lighting gantry and it's supporting framework above in silver powder coated mild steel and the installation utilised a combination of our TZ.4 Counterpoise and TZ.1 Crossbar lamp holders, both with multi-poise heads.