Low-voltage lighting

Disc Mounted Lighting

At Shopkit, we offer a range of beautiful contemporary disc mounted lampholders, designed to create safe and efficient low voltage spotlight installations. These disc mountings enable the positioning of our lights on walls, ceilings, display panels and can even be used within display cabinets when used with LED or 20 watt halogen lamps.


The lampholders in our low voltage lighting range are available with two different styles of heads. The rotating head swings through an arc of 290° in one plane, whereas the multipoise head swings through arcs in two planes, with the first plane turning through 290° and the second 200°. This allows the multipoise head to direct light in almost any direction.


Installation service


Shopkit offer a full installation service on all elements within our lighting range. We can supply quotes for your next lighting project on request. Let us take you from design to installation without the hassle.


Bespoke and custom options available


While we believe that our low voltage lighting range will satisfy most requirements as it offers lots of flexibility and a comprehensive ranges of styles, should you require a bespoke or custom lighting design system, we offer a full design and manufacturing service for bespoke systems. We can offer variations in metal finishes, overall dimensions or a completely bespoke design.


For more information on our disc mounted low voltage lighting range, please follow the links below to visit our online shop or view our components range. Alternatively, get in touch with our design team for a friendly chat about your next lighting project – just give us a ring on +44 (0)1923 818282 or just fill out the short form below and someone will get in touch.


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Our Disc Pendant lamp with multipoise head (TZ.14), manufactured from solid brass, with a bright or satin chromed finish, can be ceiling or panel mounted and set to any given angle or position.

The Disc Pendant lamp with multipoise head (TZ.18) has an adjustable maximum length of 355mm so that exciting varied lighting displays can be created.

The TZ.18 Disc Pendant lamp can also be surface mounted to create adjustable spotlighting within display cabinets, which can then be locked at any given height up to 355mm from the fixing base.

The Multipoise head shown here allows the lighting beam to swing through arcs in two planes: the first turns through 290° the other 200°, allowing light to be directed in almost any direction. Please follow the orange links for more information, for dimensions and pricing, or to download the Brochure now.