Glass Trophy Cabinets – Show Off Your Team’s Success

May 18, 2022 | Products

Glass trophy cabinet from shopkit

From premier league to grass roots football, there is no better way to showcase your achievements and memorabilia than with an elegant glass trophy display cabinet.

Whether you are celebrating your first trophy, or looking to update your existing display, we have put together a list of considerations identifying why a glass trophy cabinet maybe the match-winning signing for your club, team, or home.

Why Choose A Glass Trophy Display Cabinet?

You have worked so hard to achieve success so now you need to showcase your achievements! Glass display cabinets provide the perfect home for any trophy collection, not only in terms of display and visual appearance but also protection and security.

Timeless Glass Display Cabinets

Regardless of whether your room is modern or traditional, a glass trophy cabinet fits perfectly alongside any room’s décor, providing flexibility should you decide to update décor or change style in the future.

Best Cabinets for Visual Display

With no wooden or metal frames or panels, a glass display cabinet is the prefect way to visually display your trophies or memorabilia and can even provide a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree centre piece within a room.

When compared to other forms of open displays, glass trophy cabinets provided greater protection for your valuable awards, reducing the build up of dust and dirt, or any accidental knocks that may occur when openly displayed.

Secure Trophy Displays

Wanting to celebrate your team’s achievements with your loyal fans, or club members is only natural, so the security of lockable doors can be a bonus to ensure the safety of your prize possessions when on public display.

Lighting For Trophy Cabinets

Compared to other types of display cabinets, a glass trophy cabinet will make the most of natural light within your environment. However, this may be limited by the amount of natural light present within a room.

Choosing a glass trophy cabinet with lights can focus on individual items on display making your trophies the wow factor and centre of attention of any room.

Types of Glass Trophy Display Cabinets

Glass trophy cabinets come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet any size trophy collection and can be freestanding or wall mounted where space may be a deciding factor.

Made to measure glass trophy displays can also be produced to customise your requirements and fit seamlessly into a room’s space and décor.

Here at Shopkit we have over 30 years of experience in providing glass display trophy cabinets, working across a huge range of industries and sectors.

Whether you are looking to showcase a single trophy or a history of silverware, we are design experts in building customised glass display solutions using high quality materials, fixtures, and fittings.

Taking time to truly understand our customers’ requirements, we design, build, and install the perfect glass trophy display cabinets from kick off to the full-time whistle.

The result? A display cabinet worthy of celebrating your team or individual’s achievements and history. Get in touch with Shopkit and see how we can help you get the best glass trophy cabinet for your team!