Get Your Signage Sorted With Shopkit

Feb 22, 2022 | Guides, Products

Signage is one of the most important aspects of fitting out your shop, office, restaurant, or any other business. Your exterior signage is a vital tool for enticing people in, but interior signage is important too. Of course, there are legal requirements that you need to comply with around exit signing for fire safety, but you’ll also want to make sure that amenities are clearly signposted and that your customers or staff have the right information to comfortably move around the space.

At Shopkit, we can help you get your signage sorted. We offer a range of different styles of wayfinding signage, including pictograms, LED and photo-luminescent emergency signs, and totally customisable signage systems that can be built to your exact specifications.

Pictogram Signage Systems from Shopkit

Our range of pictogram signage is perfect for a huge range of applications. Pictograms provide visual information that crosses language barriers, meaning they’re perfect for use to identify toilets or other crucial wayfinding information, as well as to ensure important safety messages are visible and intelligible to everybody in the building.

Shopkit offer contemporary style pictogram signage systems in three different formats, all of which comply with current safety standards. Project Pictogram is our range of inspiring off-the-shelf symbol designs, available in 140mm square silica acrylic. They are also supplied complete with drilling guides and fixings. We offer a range of standard popular pictograms, but can also create bespoke or unique symbols, as well as customising our range to meet any corporate identity. We also offer 75mm diameter metal and vinyl disc pictograms, which can be screen printed to any specification. These are perfect to add signalling information to doors, for example staff only or fire door signage.

Wayfinding Signage For Any Space

Shopkit offer a wide range of wayfinding signage, meaning whatever your interior requirements, we’re bound to offer something to suit your needs.

Our wayfinding range of signage is available in two modular styles: cable suspended and rod suspended. Both systems are extremely versatile and can be used for anything from full directory signage to simple individual graphics. For those looking to create building lobby or individual floor directory signage, these ranges offer the perfect contemporary solution.

Our Xblock signage system offers sleek minimalism and is available for wall-mounted, projecting, suspended or even desktop signage. This is perfect for simple signage, to label rooms or direct your customers to specific areas. The Signslot system is a cable suspended signage system, again ideal for simple graphics and labels. Signslot can be ceiling suspended or wall mounted.

Fully Compliant Fire Exit Signage

Shopkit’s Signkit FE range is a quality collection of fire escape signage, all compliant to current legislation. We offer different product options within this range, including acrylic, foam PVC or aluminium panels.

We also offer photo-luminescent vinyl, which effectively glows in the dark. This is a great option for safety as the fire exit signage will still be clearly visible in the event of a power cut or other emergency. The other option for illumination is our LED range. These are incredible energy efficient, running on low voltage DC power and featuring a rated life of over 50,000 hours, making them great “fit and forget” devices.

We can also customise many different aspects of our fire safety signage range, so get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Custom Signage and Bespoke Options Available

Like most of our other ranges of products, we offer a fully bespoke design service for our range of signage and wayfinding solutions. We can customise everything from the designs and materials used to the branding and pictograms on each sign.

So, no matter what your signage needs, Shopkit can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.