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Our range of stainless steel cable components are designed for complete flexibility. This means they can be used across a huge number of different business sectors, including retail and office interiors, within the hospitality industry, as well as for supporting signage and even within contemporary home interiors, where they are often used as balustrades.


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Some of our Cable Components Range for suspended displays

We design and manufacture a wide range of components in standard and custom sizes.



Shopkit offers two different standard ranges of cable components: one to work with 1.5mm diameter stainless steel cables and the other to work with 3mm diameter stainless steel cables. Our manufacturing expertise means we can also design and produce components for other diameters of cable very quickly, with high quality bespoke components available with very low lead times.


Our standard cable components range allow for a variety of different styles of fixings to be achieved. These may include floor to ceiling, floor to wall or wall to ceiling, enabling graphic panels, poster displays and brochure holders, shopfitting window displays, shelving and accessories, signs, banners or cabinets to be supported.



Components for cable suspended displays by Shopkit Uk

Our components ranges allow you to create a wide variety of cable suspended displays.



The 1.5mm cable system can support a maximum of 70kg depending on the components used and the 3.0mm cable system can support up to 140kg. These loads refer to the cable, the end stops and tensioners with inline fixing plates fixed directly to a suitable ceiling and floor substrate.



Tensioners for cable suspended display systems by Shopkit Uk

With our own factory we can create any component that your installation may require.



All our different cable components ranges are available in satin anodised aluminium and polished stainless steel finishes as standard. They are also available in chromed brass with different coloured options and custom dimensions available on request.



Polished stainless steel components for cable display systems from Shopkit Uk

Our components are available in different metals and finishes including stainless steel, brass and copper.



Made to measure options available

Our clever design system and manufacturing processes mean there’s lot of scope for us to produce bespoke components. We can accommodate a wide variety of variations on our current components to meet individual requirements, including different metal finishes or totally bespoke components.


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Some of our aluminium cable components range for suspended displays

Our 1.5mm Mini Cable Components are available in silver satin anodised aluminium as standard and are also readily available in different finishes and custom sizes.

The 1.5mm Mini Cable Range contains many different components including shelving and panel fixings, available in single and double formats, and can be custom made items in our own factory in the UK.

Both our ranges of cable components are very adaptable and include a variety of different mounting plates, panel fixings, cable pulleys and spacer bars available in silver satin anodised aluminium as standard.

Our 3mm Maxi Cable system can take a much greater load than the 1.5mm Mini Cable system. All the components are also available in silver satin anodised aluminium as standard and are readily available in different finishes and custom sizes too.

The 3mm Maxi Component range also includes a wide variety of shelving and panel fixings, as well as pulley wheels, spacer bars and much more. Click on the orange link for more information on dimensions and pricing, or download the Components Brochure now.