Components and Accessories

Shopkit design and manufacture a wide range of components and accessories for all things to do with glass displays, including tensioned cables, rods, panel fixing and glass supports. We work exclusively with the highest quality materials, whether we’re producing components in stainless steel, silver satin anodised aluminium or brass. This means our commitment to quality is absolutely second to none, and we always strive to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction with all of our components.


Our fabrications and engineering works use state of the art machinery to ensure the excellent finish that Shopkit products are renowned for, on all components and accessories.


Below, you can view our standard product ranges. This includes components for cable and rod displays, drilled and edge fixed panels, and various other components for retail glass display systems.


We also offer a fully bespoke component manufacturing process. We can assist with both the design and manufacture of any component that’s not included in our standard range – so whatever product you need, simply get in touch with us and speak to our friendly design team.