Your Guide to Low Voltage Lighting With Shopkit

Aug 26, 2021 | Guides

When it comes to low voltage lighting, there are a lot of options on offer. While many people are well aware of the options for homes – low voltage LED spotlighting, traditional bayonet mount ceiling fittings with low energy bulbs – fewer are aware of the wealth of low voltage lighting options that can be specified in other environments.

At Shopkit, our entire range of low voltage lighting has been thoughtfully designed for use in a range of commercial and display interiors, like museums, hospitality settings, retail interiors, and many others. This meant creating a range of premium, superior quality lighting with the ultimate flexibility and high-quality design that is required to create the beautifully lit interior experiences that are required in environments like these.

So, in this article, we’ll introduce some of the products in our low voltage lighting range and explain exactly why they’re so well suited to these kinds of interior applications. We’ll cover what makes them so flexible, go through the full range of options on offer, and give you all the information you’ll need to make the right decision on low voltage lighting for your interior environment.

Get ultimate flexibility with low voltage lighting

Our entire range of low voltage lighting is available with two multi-positionable and directional heads: a rotating head and a multipoise head. Unlike traditional light fixtures, which are usually fixed to one point, or some spotlights which offer a limited range of mobility, our range is supremely flexible given the wide angle of movement and easy repositioning.

Our rotating head rotates through an arc of 290° across one plane, making it easy to position and then angle the spotlight to properly light and focus precisely where you need. The multipoise head rotates through two arcs, one turning 290° and the other 200°, ideal for situations where the need for flexibility is increased. The multipoise head can direct light in almost any direction from its location, meaning you can change your displays with peace of mind that your lighting solution will be able to keep up.

Wide range of fixing options available

At Shopkit, our range of low voltage lighting is available in a number of fixing options, designed to give you the freedom to choose what works for you and your display system. Our lighting components can be incorporated into existing displays, or added as a separate system.

Our range of fixing options includes cable suspended, rod suspended and disc mounted. Our lighting cables can be fixed horizontally and at any angle across ceilings, and create a beautifully subtle network of lighting that’s perfect for museums, graphic displays and shop display cabinets. Our 6mm diameter lighting rods are ideal for display cabinets, as the rods themselves are strong enough to be used to suspend display shelving within the cabinets. And our disc mounted options can be ceiling or surface mounted, creating a super flexible range of low voltage lighting to perfectly suit your interior space.

Use our lighting gantries for beautiful hanging lighting

Shopkit also produce a range of low voltage lighting gantries, which can be hung from the ceiling and provide gorgeous hanging lighting displays, perfect for hotel atriums or open areas in museums. They’re compatible with the same range of lighting heads as all of the other products in our low voltage lighting range, so you can get the same level of directional flexibility as any other product.

We currently produce two sizes of lighting gantries: one designed for four low voltage lamps, and the other to hold 8.

Low energy bulbs

We can specify our entire range of low voltage products with either 5-watt or 8-watt LED lamps. Both are energy saving solutions which are better for the environment than traditional bulbs – and could save you money on your interior lighting bills. The light these bulbs produce is a high quality, high lumen output and cool white in colour.

You can find out more about our range of low voltage lighting here. We can also design and install bespoke low voltage lighting solutions, so get in touch with Shopkit today to discuss your next lighting project.