Lighting Gantries for Interiors – Why choose Shopkit?

Dec 20, 2021 | Guides


At Shopkit, low voltage lighting is a big part of what we do. We’re proud of our wide range of low voltage lighting components and accessories, and we believe they’re the right choice for a huge range of different applications, from retail interiors to museums to homes.

But in this article, we want to introduce you to another product in our low voltage lighting range. Our lighting gantries provide directional LED low voltage lighting in an extremely flexible package. They can hold up to eight lamps with mulitpoise heads, so one gantry can light an entire display or area of a room with no issues.

So, read on to find out more about Shopkit’s high quality lighting gantries and why they could be a fantastic option for your interior space.

Lighting gantries for a wide range of applications

Our lighting gantries are well suited to use in a huge range of interior locations. They’re commonly used in retail spaces, museums and hotel lobbies as well as for exhibition halls and other spaces – they can even be used inside modern home interiors, in particular for striking display areas.

We’ve designed our lighting gantries to be as flexible as possible, so you can have a huge amount of control over the direction and location of the lighting in your space. The gantries also allow you to reposition the lamps as often as you need to, so they’re perfect for open plan spaces where you can alter the lighting to suit your display or needs.

Our lighting gantries are beautifully designed, with the frames manufactured in either silver powder coated mild steel or silver anodised aluminium. The lamps are silver chromed solid brass.

Four and eight-lamp lighting gantries

Shopkit’s low voltage lighting gantries are available in two sizes as standard, one that fits four low voltage lamps and one that fits eight. This gives you the flexibility to choose whichever size best suits your interior location, or to even fit multiple gantries to suit a larger space.

Our four lamp gantry measures 300mm in width by 1200mm in length, while our eight lamp version is 300mm wide by 2400mm long.

Bespoke lighting gantries

Shopkit can also work with you to create fully bespoke low voltage lighting gantries. Whatever your requirements or interior space, our team of experienced designers can help you design the perfect lighting gantry to suit you. We can vary the dimensions, lighting configuration and even metal finishes to help you get the perfect solution. We can also manufacture totally custom sizes and lengths of lighting gantry, so if you need one to fit a curved space or other unusual dimension, get in touch!

Full installation service available

We also offer a full delivery and installation service for your low voltage lighting gantry. This means Shopkit is your perfect partner when it comes to low voltage interior lighting, helping you go from design to installation seamlessly and without hassle.

Get the perfect lighting gantry for your interior space with Shopkit. Find out more on our lighting gantry page, or get in touch with us here.