Retail Display Systems: Cable, Rod and Track

Shopkit offers a wide range of modular display systems, perfect for use across corporate, hospitality and retail interiors. Our display solutions are as at home in an office as they are in a shop or even in private homes or apartment complexes, bringing a sense of minimalist quality and elegance wherever they are used.

Our suspended display systems offer the pinnacle of flexibility and customisation. They can be used to create beautiful displays with your imagination the only limit, as the modular, component-based system scales up and down as you need, with a huge range of options to suit your needs, including TracKit by ShopKit, our unique track-based display system.

We offer a wide range of different display systems, including cable and rod suspended, our track-based systems with TracKit, and illuminated options. Find out more about the whole range on this page.

Shopkit’s cable suspended display system is market leading and used to create beautiful retail window displays, to hold signs and banners, and even to support shelving and accessories. It’s available in two different component systems: 1.5mm diameter and 3mm diameter, with the larger system supporting a heavier maximum load.

Both systems use high-quality stainless steel cables and components, and are fully modular, meaning you’ve got the flexibility and control to customise the system to meet your exact needs. Or, choose one of our off the shelf standardised kits available for a range of typical uses.

Our rod suspended display system is also available in 2 sizes. The 6mm diameter rod system is designed for lightweight installations like simple signage, while the 12mm system is designed for heavier uses.

Both systems also use high-quality anodised aluminium or alternatively stainless steel rods and fixings. These are fully modular and component based. The 12mm system in particular is ideal for creating beautiful rod suspended shelving systems, perfect for retail environments. We also supply off the shelf kits for common uses.

TracKit Track-Based Display System

TracKit is Shopkit’s track-based suspension display system. It’s extremely versatile and customisable, designed for situations where graphic displays need to be frequently repositioned.

TracKit can be either wall or ceiling fixed, and is available in both single or double tracks. For suspension methods, you can choose from either a simple hook-on system or a roller wheel system. With the latter, repositioning graphics is as easy as sliding the wheels along the track.

Quality illuminated display systems

Alongside our range of suspended display systems, we also produce illuminated display systems, perfect for shop windows in estate agents, restaurants, bars, and a huge range of other uses.

We offer the latest LED light pockets in a range of sizes including A4, A3, A2 and A1, as well as offering display systems with illuminated borders, front illumination or side illumination. Shopkit also design and manufacture traditional low voltage cable suspended display systems with separate lamp holders.

Glass Wall Fixed Bathroom Shelf Kit with Rail

Suspended Shelving Systems

By using one of our cable or rod suspended systems you can create seamless suspended shelving in both your home and business. We have fully modular suspended shelving systems available that are designed to be lightweight, durable, and customisable.

As well as fully adjustable and personalised suspended shelving options we also offer standardised shelving kits which make setting up your suspended shelving unit easier than ever.

Fully Bespoke Display Options

Across our range of display systems, we can design and manufacture custom-built installations to suit your every need. This may involve choosing components from across our range of current systems or even custom producing components to your exact specifications.

Whatever the display system you’re looking for, and no matter the environment, Shopkit’s design team can help you bring your imagination to life. Get in touch with us today.

For more information, download our brochure above or, head to our online shop to buy rod and cable suspended display systems, with individual components and ready-made kits both available online.

High end perfume display using a bespoke suspended shelving system by Shopkit