Suspended Glass Canopy For UNIB

Jun 17, 2015

Shopkit were asked to design and manufacture a suspended toughened glass canopy to be suspended over the existing reception area at UNIB’s Head Office in London.

The stainless steel structure was manufactured in our UK factory in Norfolk, which enabled our designers to liaise directly with the engineers responsible for its manufacture.

The canopy functions partly as a health and safety measure to prevent anything from being dropped over the mezzanine and onto an unsuspecting passer-by. But, given its prominent position, it was important that the design also contributed architecturally and was in keeping with the surrounding design. Our ability to manufacture bespoke structures of this nature meant we were able to satisfy on all levels.

The frosted glass allows natural light to continue to pass through the area, preventing the addition of a canopy from making the space below feel dark or closed in. The shape of the stainless steel frame took inspiration from the balustrade above, ensuring it felt like a seamless part of the original design.