Premier Inn Bar Display Cabinet

Jun 23, 2015

Shopkit is currently manufacturing and supplying contemporary fittings for the back bar displays for many of the hotels within the Premier Inn group.

The new design allows Premier Inn to present customers with a modern, clean and clutter free look to their bar areas, which are easier for their staff to navigate.

The system consists of solid stainless steel uprights housing LED strip lighting, allowing the back low-iron opti white glass to be internally illuminated to give a constant light effect across the bar.

The uprights also provide the support structure for the bolt-on accessories to take the optics, the glass shelving and the hook on graphics, all engineered through laser cut stainless steel fabrication.

The suspended signs help make best use of the space available to display key point-of-sale messages. These can be changed by the hospitality team at any time to reflect their changing offers and seasonable campaigns.

This is a flexible display system that can be reconfigured if needed.

This forms part of the hotel chain’s refurbishment programme which we have been a part of since the beginning and is now in its fifth year.