Guru Makeup London Glass Display Suspended Shelving

Jun 15, 2015

Shopkit designed and installed contemporary shopfittings for leading professional makeup and special effects products supplier Guru Makeup when they recently moved into their new flagship store in Kensington, London.

The company was relocating to the more central location and wanted their new store’s interior to convey a contemporary, Light and airy feel, with minimal ‘floating’ displays that would show off their many ranges to their best effect and help convey the quality and beauty of their products.

The project included display shelving and shop floor storage for both small and large goods, as well as a long counter for a customer makeup application and product testing area and some balustrading to the lower ground floor retail area.

The chosen systems also had to be rigid, strong and very durable, as they would be accessible to customers throughout the day. The glass display shelving throughout the store also needed to be easy to clean and easily repositioned to allow for future reconfigurations of the displays.

All of the Client’s criteria were successfully met with a combination of both our standard and bespoke products.

The glass display shelving throughout most of the shops interior was achieved with long runs of inline shallow glass shelves supported by our 12mm rod system in silver satin anodised aluminium finish.

To the rear of the shop floor a bank of display and storage shelving for a vast collection of leather bags, makeup cases and brush holders was realized using our Ladder shelving system, in both single and double sided formats, wall and floor mounted. This system being chosen for its durability and strength, making it perfect for this application, supporting 5 tiers of in line toughened glass shelves loaded up with stock.

The professional makeup application and customer product testing area was created using custom made wall fixed stainless steel rods to support the long run of glass counter and the balustrading down to the lower ground floor sales area utilised items from our 3mm cable range.