Custom Metal Support System

Using our experienced design and manufacturing capabilities Shopkit have designed, manufactured and installed a curved custom metal support system in a satin polished stainless steel finish to be clamped to concrete columns for the BBC.



Our clients wanted to be able to fix a variety of different storage, display items and other functional elements to large internal solid concrete columns within their production office, breakout and cafeteria spaces.


The support system needed to be strong and blend in with the existing interiors but most importantly it must not require any fixing drilled into the surface of the columns or leave any surface marks behind should the supports need to be relocated or completely removed at some point in the future.



We successfully created a solution, providing them with an adaptable curved stainless steel column clamp system which was capable of securing standard height mesh walls, dry wipe panels and laminated storage shelving, as well as high level mounted television monitors to their concrete columns.



Twelve separate stainless steel elements cleverly bolt together around the columns creating the frame work of our custom metal support system’s round collar which, once at their correct height and position, four rubber backed discs are slowly tightened around the column to clamp the collar in place. And once the collars are being held securely on to the columns, then various different vertical pieces can be connected to them depending on what its going to be required to support, whether its shelving, display walls or T.V. monitors.



If you would like more information about our curved custom metal support system project we produced for the BBC shown here, or if you have a future custom project that you think we might be able to help you with – please do call our Design Team on 01923 818282, email us on: or fill out the form below.

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