Glass Art

Shopkit have been lucky enough to be chosen by and get to work with various glass artists from around the world, two such artists are profiled here …


Claudia Phipps, owner at Claudia Phipps Architectural Glass‬ states that she uses various techniques on glass, including sandblasting, engraving and acid-etching to mold the medium to express the way she sees and experiences the world.


Phipps does not set out to tell a story, but rather by playing with her chosen material’s own qualities, its strength and fragility, opacity and translucency, she aims to suggest different ways of seeing.


Among other installations, Claudia Phipps Architectural Glass‬ commissions’ include decorative feature window panels and screens, in both traditional ecclesiastical or contemporary abstract styles.


Recently we produced and installed a bespoke rigid support system, in stainless steel with a satin polished finish, for some beautiful glass installations in windows throughout Wycombe Abbey School.



Petr Beránek, based in Switzerland, has been working with glass since experiencing it as a medium at the Monthey Glass School, Switzerland in 2002.


Since then he has been producing beautiful experimental pieces ever since. Beránek works by carefully applying various pigments to Belgian float glass by brush and pipette.


Once fired he cuts up the panel and then arranges the pieces between two thicker panes of glass and then refires them together to form a single enigmatic solid glass forms with varying shifting hues and opacities.


Beránek’s glass art pieces are exhibited in galleries and as installation pieces and due to their strength, flexibility and contemporary simplicity, he has found our Cable, Rod and Project Fixings to ideal fixings for his work.

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