Display System For Chetwoods London

Jun 17, 2015

Chetwood Architects commissioned Shopkit to create a number of different types of sophisticated suspended displays throughout the ground floor of their London and Birmingham offices.

The brief required flexible display and lighting systems to be sited within different locations within the public areas of their buildings including separate display spaces, visitor receptions and open plan office and meeting areas.

Using our Trackit and TZ low-voltage lighting systems we were able to design and install cohesive installations throughout, and provide the necessary flexibility and ease of use for the initial and future exhibitions and displays that will be carried out with in the spaces.

For the two front window displays we installed runs of twin track, fixed to the inner soffit, allowing for multilayered displays using a combination of hook-on top edge panel grips and hook-on 1.5mm suspended cable to support large acrylic poster holders.

The main graphic display area consists of a continuous 11 metre triple track installation running through the centre of the entire space, from the front of the display area, through reception and on into an open plan office area and meeting space to the rear of the building.

The track is suspended from a ceiling fixed latticework of stainless steel cables and the graphics are hung from the different tracks with roller wheel fittings and so can easily be rolled along the entire 11 metres throughout the whole depth of the building.

We also installed several runs of horizontal low-voltage catenary lighting for general illumination as well as various vertical runs of directional spotlighting for different shelving areas by the main visitor entrance and other locations throughout the interior.