Bespoke Glass Display Cabinet

Nov 1, 2019

Veterinary Instrumentation, an animal healthcare company, recently approached Shopkit with their requirements for a large bespoke glass display cabinet to showcase some of their comprehensive range of the most innovative veterinary surgical instruments, implants and equipment on the market today.

Their new display cabinet was also required to divide and provide sound screening between their reception / guest meeting area and the rest of their office / customer support staff in their brand new premises in Sheffield, UK.

To be in keeping with their product ranges Veterinary Instrumentation’s specifications also stated their desire for a clean and clinically inspired look, as well as plenty of adjustable shelving with spotlighting and lots of storage below the display area. They also required easy access to the display area to be able to change the display and the height of the shelves and the contents needed to be secure.

Our design solution was to provide a long built in frameless glass cabinet display wall that we would manufacture, deliver in sections and put together on site. The cabinet display wall would be fixed ceiling to floor and would feature a long shop window style display area supported on a bank of white laminated base storage cupboards.

The display area within the cabinet featured a total of 16 fully adjustable glass shelves, 12 angled with a lip at the front and 4 flat supported on 10 bright chromed brass rods, accessed through 2 wide sliding lockable doors at the front.

The back and left hand side of the display wall consists of a total of 5 static panels secured to the top ceiling soffit and base section, with the cabinet’s right hand side being built in to the wall.

Using 6mm chromed brass rods to support the shelving provides a very stable support for the glass display shelves as well being the perfect conduit to carry the power to the low-voltage spotlights, so that no additional power supply and support for the lighting is required, thus keeping the display area as visually clean and as uncluttered as possible.

Our design also included a total of 12 double sided TZ2 Shopkit spotlights using energy saving 5 watt LED bulbs which are powered by transformers hidden in the ceiling and below the display area there are four white veneered storage cupboards with a total of 8 hinged doors, with each cupboard including an adjustable internal shelf.
All other metalwork including components, swivel shelf grips, lampholders and the storage cupboard handles are produced in mirror polished stainless steel in our UK factory.

Our client approved our designs and our bespoke glass display cabinet project went ahead without a hitch, and once illuminated, it was the perfect environment to present pieces the Veterinary Instrumentation’s surgical instruments and the rest of their innovative range.

If you would like more information about our bespoke glass display cabinet project shown here, or if you have a future custom project that you think we might be able to help you with – please do call our Design Team on 01923 818282, email us on: